What do this app do?

– Easy and user friendly app to access and support your IT
– maintains a centralized contact list across your organization.
– Monitors your company pages and reports when there is an issue
– Centralize all servers, network, operating system,applications monitoring
– Push 4 support – one click to create ticket
– Easy access to your support team by email and phone
– Automatically matches solutions to issues and errors from our solution database.
– Easy access to all key documents, reports, run book and reports
– Email alert of issues and reports
– Artificial intelligent reports to prevent future downtime and loss of business
– ELK based log miner- customized on demand

Why it says no data found?

As a new user, you need to add product and contact details. Follow these steps.
Click Admin menu and add product first, then add contacts and websites.
1.Add Product
2.Add Contacts
3.Add websites

Why I don’t see anything in my dashboard?
Dashboard shows errors and issues.
Once you add websites from Admin menu, our process will monitor and update its status in in the dashboard.
After adding website you will be able to see records showing up in dashboard.

Where do I start?

After you register, first step is add products.
Admin->Add Product
Then Add contacts
Admin->Add contacts
Then you can add websites, knowledge base website url.

How to upload multiple contacts and product?

You can use our API or email as attachment.
These are json rest services. you can download sample payload and service call project to test.
Please remember to use your client id key.
You can get client id by logging into the app.
Admin-> upload data.